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    2021 Trail Boss Gas Mileage Issues

    still not broke in and every truck, even the 4.3 or a mid size truck has garbage MPG around town, only time your going to see good MPG numbers on the computer is a long highway drive to get that average up and push the old city driving numbers out of the calculations and have the engine up to...
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    Added a cap today

    2200 CAD, thanks im happy with it
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    Valve Lifter

    wonder if they are just doing half the banks when over 8000 miles to conserve parts knowing more trucks will be coming in or if they are just half assing it to cheap out on the repair that should be a recall I imagine itll end up as a class action suit anyways and have to extend warranty and...
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    Added a cap today

    Can’t say they make a truck look better but they sure give you a lot more dry storage and a place to crash for hunting fishing and camping trips
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    Added a cap today

    Put a cap on today for some camping
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    replacing wood grain door trim
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    What did you trade in for the Trail Boss?

    2021 ct5-v wanted a fun car but turned out i missed my '18 sierra alot, lucky used prices are crazy and production was down for most of '21 on the cadillac line almost got what i paid for it
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    Mud flaps

    just the GM ones (without the fake bolts)
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    they come with a factory wax coating, apprently stuff like Krown will accelerate the factory coating falling off, id just use what came on it till you start to see surface rust then just spray it yourself on the lawn with rust stop or krown or whatever you choose thats my plan anyways
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    Mud flaps

    seen a video on youtube someone makes covers for the corners and uses the holes, i replaced mine with flares t keep the mud off with wider tires
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    Hydro Lock in 6 to 10 inches of water???

    the intake is just to the right of the hood release lever at the same level, while its not a 100% water/air tight connection tube to the airbox there is no way enough water is getting in that connection to lock up an engine short of parking in 3' of water with the engine running and even then i...
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    Black exhaust tips

    It’s the gm performance exhaust, with the tips option
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    DuraTrac sidewall fail and bent recovery hook

    those hooks arent designed for a side load like that , surprised they held up that well I took my duratracs off and sold them as new takeoffs, like you sai sidewall sucks. last set i had corn stalk stubble put a hole in mine going back to the bush, have been running KO2 since and never had an issue