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  1. vezePilot

    Gas Mileage?

    I should have said Total range, adding the miles already driven plus the range displayed at halfway. The useable fuel is 24 gallons, IIRC and 23 MPG times 24 gallons equals 552. If it would actually get 23 MPG for a whole trip. Like maybe to Grants, NM on I-25 & I-40.
  2. vezePilot

    Gas Mileage?

    Yesterday drove down to Pueblo and back, about 280 miles. Turnpike 36 & Interstate 25, all highway, speeds 55-75 and got a solid 23.5 MPG. Range indication at half-tank was more than 500 miles. Love the Goodyear Wrangler tires, but I was thinking about a second set of wheels with highway tires...
  3. vezePilot

    What did you trade in for the Trail Boss?

    After 10 years and only 107,000 miles my 2WD 2011 Silverado was still in very good shape. I had recently replaced all four of the oxygen sensors in the exhaust, and the front brake rotors. Had been maintained by McCaddon Cadillac for several years. Ed Bozarth in Denver gave me quite a bit more...
  4. vezePilot

    Car Cover for a Trail Boss

    From Car Cover dot com, sized for the Silverado 1500. No pockets for Mirrors, no pocket for Antenna, no indication front/rear. But it's not too difficult to figure out. And then mark the front with a sharpie. $190...
  5. vezePilot

    Car Cover for a Trail Boss

    Besides all of the other stuff that can get on your paint, we have Tree Sap that comes down from our Elms as a fine, sticky mist. We use car covers on the cars when needed (our garage fits only one of the cars.) So I found one for the new truck. Simply humongous. No additions to fit the...
  6. vezePilot

    Wheel Spacers ?

    I really like the 1-1/2 inch spacers that I installed. .
  7. vezePilot

    Let's see those RED Hot Trail Boss Trucks!

    Photo from today, in the mountain forest north of Nederland, CO. .
  8. vezePilot

    What did you do to your Trailboss today?

    Took mine out to once again drive to places I have never been able to. Places where I was only able to hike. One spot in particular I really didn't think this truck could make, and I was keeping in mind how I would back up and back out. But these things are amazing! The photo does NOT show how...
  9. vezePilot

    Picked up the truck

    These are such great trucks. Congrats and Welcome!
  10. vezePilot

    What did you do to your Trailboss today?

    Took mine in for the first service it has had, 4,781 miles on it. Folks at McCaddon are the best. Oil changed and tires rotated, on warranty. I looked over a GMC AT4, in Red, the equivalent of my TB. Didn't have the factory bed liner, didn't have the high-traction Goodyear Wranglers. And was...
  11. vezePilot

    What did you do to your Trailboss today?

    Gas mileage I'm getting may be in part due to the elevation. Fuel use is metered relative to the incoming air, and there is less of that at ~5,000 feet and higher. My airplane makes 118 HP at Sea Level, but only 61 HP at 10,000 ft, Leaned way back when up that high. Perhaps same thing is...
  12. vezePilot

    What did you do to your Trailboss today?

    Made an appointment for first oil change. No friendly Chevy dealer close, so I'm burdened with having to take it to McCaddon Cadillac. NOT. This is one of the best GM dealerships in the world, and they treat customers like royalty. They will also meet any price on tires and such. Otherwise...
  13. vezePilot

    I need a roof rack to transport a kayak, any recommendations? Thanks

    American Trucks is one of many places to acquire goodies for your truck. This link is a page there which includes Bed Racks made to fit our Trail Boss trucks. Most Tonneau bed covers, like my TruXport, unfortunately cover some...
  14. vezePilot

    The thing that gets me...the Antenna

    Starting with my 2007, then with my 2011, and now with my 2021 ... I take the thing OFF. Put it under the back seat. If you still listen to AM and/or FM, well I guess you might want to keep it. But It isn't needed for Sirius, and it isn't needed for music played from my connected phone.
  15. vezePilot

    Gas Mileage?

    " free red state " ... ain't that the truth. Almost sounds like from a science fiction movie ... ... like the one where Charlton Heston finds the ruined Statue of Liberty.
  16. vezePilot

    What did you do to your Trailboss today?

    Installed the Husky Liners rear wheel well liners today. Not as difficult as I had heard, but not quite as easy as in the demo video, either. So that about does it for everything we planned to stick on this new truck. 🤗 .
  17. vezePilot

    What did you do to your Trailboss today?

    The Bed Rug finally arrived ... and after that, even a warm enough day to install it. Did that yesterday, and the 2021 Bed inside is more complicated than the inside shape of my previous chevy trucks. It was a more difficult job than I remember those being, AND I had to sand and clean the...
  18. vezePilot

    Service Parts Identification, Option Codes, Color Code

    I made the mistake of not parking far enough away from other cars. Got a scratch in my paint today. And learned how to find the Codes for my Trail Boss. These are no longer found on a Sticker in the glove box. You have to Read the QR code on a sticker inside the driver's door. BUT ... of course...
  19. vezePilot

    Water in bed -

    I've owned and driven Chevy trucks for many years now, as well. Truxedo brand bought out the original company that made these Roll-up tonneau covers. My '07 had one, my 2011 had one, and now my 2021 has one. The only area any of mine ever leaked is around the Tailgate, and the new Trail Boss...
  20. vezePilot


    Learning to fly my new little camera drone (SnapTain SP650 2.7K, ~$100). First time getting the Camera working and the onboard WiFi connected to the smartphone App. Hmm ... what should I take a picture of, to test it?