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    Cherry Red / Cajun Red Photo Thread

    2020 Custom 2 inch Spacers
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    Exhaust options for minimal drone

    Had a local shop cut my muffler and flapper valve out a couple days ago. He welded in a pipe and I have the resonators at the back taped over. I enjoy the sound now nothing to aggressive but a deeper growl and I personally don't notice the drone people mention. But then again I'm used to a 74...
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    Backup Camera

    I'll go through the connectors again , I've been through them once from the camera to the plug near the spare tire all the wires seem good and I've cleaned with electrical cleaner and even used dielectric grease because I had some laying around
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    Backup Camera

    Need to replace it sometimes it works sometimes it don't. And occasionally when it does work it has lines in it. I've checked all connections so I'm guessing it's the camera
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    Backup Camera

    Trying to buy a backup camera for my 2020 trailboss custom but I cannot seem to find an accurate part number . I don't trust Chevy website because they list my vin as having the 4.7 V6 when in fact I have the 5.3 even have the engine tag saying 5.3 with the matching vin on the same tag. Anyone...