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18in rims or 20in rims which is better?

Depends on which looks better to you.
i prefer more tire less wheel on my truck and the opposite on my car.
And I think the factory Trail Boss 18s look way better than the 20s but that’s subjective of course.
Should I go the 20 inch rims??

I like the look of more meat and less wheel. I'd go with the 18.

The 18 should do better off-road (more sidewall). The 20 would be better suited for on road.
if you are going to used the truck for off roading....as less diameter of the ring as better for a better sidewall of the tyre......for normal roads doesn't matter I think
Overall tire dimensions are very close. Apparently the 18" limits top speed to appox 98 mph and the 20" is 112 mph, not that these trucks were designed for speed.


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