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Mar 13, 2024
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Vassar, MI
Thank you for accepting me into your group. I am a former Police officer from Tennessee. My wife and our 13 year old Daughter and I live in Michigan now. Growing up in East Tennessee I always had either a Bronco, "one of the real ones from the 60's and 70's", a Mustang or a Jeep. When Chevy came out with the Trail Boss, I knew that I wanted on. I just traded a 2021 RST with 44K miles on it that I bought new for my 1st Trail Boss. It's a 2021 with 33K miles on it. And so far I love it.
Welcome aboard. I’m new myself and have already found this forum to be the “go-to” resource for all things trail boss. Any current or planned mods?
First off, thank you for being willing to put your arse on the line daily to serve and protect. I know you don't get enough people telling you this, but I truly do appreciate it. I got your six.

Secondly, wtf were you thinking? You moved north where it's colder and gets more snow. South is the preferred direction. Less snow, less cold, and more freedom.

Third, are you aware you could've had the Trail Boss package installed on your RST via GM Accessories?
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your dedicated service! (y)

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