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2021 6.2 TB PULSAR LT


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Aug 1, 2021
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I've seen so many reviews that say this product is a game changer and changes the truck to how it should be driving in the first place. Kind of a dumb thing to post, but could anyone maybe explain to me why I am nervous to purchase this?

To be real, I've never bought a tuner for any of my vehicles. I guess I get nervous that the warranty would be void. Say the day comes that for what ever reason I no longer want the product, am I able to revert back to the stock settings? Would anyone be able to know that a tuner was programmed, then reverted back to stock settings? I've really tried searching the forums for my questions, but I've yet to find anything. Again, any Youtube/Post Here/Review all recommend the product, maybe I should stop pussy footing and just buy it? Has anyone felt like this before they bought it?
I can help a little. I just got it yesterday after being on the fence for a while. Most reviews were great, but the problematic reviews are what kept me from pulling the trigger. I found it in stock locally and just went for it haha! The nice thing is it’s completely reversible and I can return it if I don’t like it. I called tech support and they said to change my display settings from Canadian (Metric) to US in order to display the MPH on the screen while programming. I changed back to Metric after, and it’s funny because the throttle sensitivity on 5 now displays 80KPH. Too funny.
Also, if you go to the shop and first remove the Pulsar and set back to factory, pulsar claims it is undetectable. Setup and reset are simple and a 10 min job. Pull the trigger, you want regret it.
I have it for my 2020 6.2. I love how the truck drives now. I did have an issue and Edge fixed it. Put it back on and good to go.
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Hi. See pics. They told me that my software was corrupted and they reprogrammed my harness assembly and tested it. Works fine now that I re-installed.


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Hi. See pics. They told me that my software was corrupted and they reprogrammed my harness assembly and tested it. Works fine now that I re-installed.
Okay, now i remember you. You made a thread about this already, I read through it. Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty convinced I'm going to buy it after I get new wheels. Maybe by the end of the year.
They claim it leaves your factory warranty intact under the Overview on their website as well as one other place. Not sure I believe this but.... will probably move forward anyway.

It is well worth the money. From AutoStop turn off, DFM shut down, tire size adjustment, and even throttle sensitivity... Makes a big difference.
What happens if you have the Pulsar and put it in sport mode? Just curious.
I have not tried it. It hauls ass without having to put it in sport mode. I set throttle sensitivity to 3 and it’s amazing.
Gas mileage took a hit installing this, down to 13.9mpg now. I removed it to take to the dealer and have yet to put it back on and now I'm back at 15mpg. The best part is removing the speed limiter, DFM, and auto start/stop, the worst part is accidentally hitting the buttons that access the throttle sensitivity while driving. Also when I have all the settings altered the transmission shifts differently, not bad, just different. I can feel it shift occasionally, but without it, I don't notice any shifts. Just sharing my experience with it, hope this helps.

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