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2021 TB 6.2 Video of Borla Cat-Back Touring / S&B CAI / Stillen Air Scoop


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Aug 1, 2021
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I just wanted to add some content to the forums for anyone looking for reviews here. The touring is perfect for my taste, I'd be hated by the neighbors with the ATAK edition, and the S-TYPE was still pushing it for me. Ended up going with the Touring Edition and I am more than happy, I've found many people even say the exhaust grows in sound over time. I've been reading so many reviews on CAI, I decided to go with S&B. I did not even find a mediocre review, and the thing is freaking massive. I felt like I couldn't go wrong with what ever one I went with. I also installed the Stillen Air scoop. It is $200 of plastic, but I will say in regards of how it is designed, it makes much more sense than how GM makes theirs out of the factory.

Cold Start

POV in the cab. Video does not do justice for both exhaust and cai

S&B CAI with Stillen Air Scoop. Don't mind the cable over the Air Tube, American Trucks had a missing piece and will be sending me the piece within the week.
Thank you for sharing this. That exhaust sounds very good. That intake has a lot of good reviews. Both on my short list if I do go down that path. I normally do both intake and exhaust but 9 months later and I find myself still enjoying the quiet.
This post reminds me of another forum I belong to: the Corvette Forum. Pretty cool upgrades you have now.
I installed a Hooker Axle-back and a Vararam CAI in my 2007 C6.
Maaaan that sounds awesome. That is going to be the Catback system I go with in the future. Not too loud but just right. I went with the Borla Atak crate muffler for right now and its pretty loud. I get a nice drone around 1700k rpms even with the Pulsar LT DFM disabled.

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