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2021 Trail Boss - best combination 33” tires/spacers without additional lift?


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Jul 24, 2022
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New Jersey
I’m looking for some guidance on the best approach for meatier looking truck/tires WITHOUT adding an additional lift. Vehicle currently has the stock 32” tires with factory 2” lift.

33” with spacers? Anyone have pictures of a setup like this? tire and spacer recommendations? Is their rubbing?
FWIW, I just added Bilstein 5100 shocks front and rear and 275/70R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I set the front shocks at the highest setting(1.1 inches for Trail Boss) and I have no rubbing. No spacers needed with factory wheels. The ride is definitely rougher with this combo. The shocks combined with the 10 ply tires makes for a rougher ride than stock. Not terrible though. It does handle large bumps much better. No more jumpy rear end on on speed bumps or large potholes, uneven pavement.

new tires1.jpg
new tires2.jpg
33 will fit without spacers on stock wheels if that’s your question? It will be very close, are you planning on a wider tire as well? Hence 10-12.5 wide 33? With more information I can help guide you in a direction..
There shouldn't be any issues as long as you don't go too wide, no leveling kit/spacers needed. TB's come from the factory with 33's if you get the 20" rims, but they are the same width as the 32's (10.8" width). I put 275/70R18 on mine which are 33.2"x10.8" and there are no rubbing/clearance issues.

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