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2022-2023 revised door panel upgrade

I've wanted to swap them myself. The problem has been finding a set of 4 in good condition with matching trim color. I did come across a full ZR2 interior, dash, seats and door panels.
To many problems when buying the new year refresh, better to wait a couple years to fix all the kinks, plus why send more on a new when can enjoy having what you already have upgrading it and no dumping 60000.00 on a new one and pay higher interest rate when they were lower in 2021. ps only have 8500 on my silverado
finding all color match is easy look at vin numbers on the style you want and do some research. Dealerships can get a lot done with vin even if its Anit your vehicle GM only made a few color options
I'm not a big baller like you that is going to the dealer to buy brand new. I've been searching ebay for used parts from wrecked trucks.
update install
Had the keep original harness in door all door (GM changed all plus to switches in harness) even thou they look alike.
Switch out all switches and reuse originals except power locks in front door panels!
Cut and splice drivers and passenger power lock plugs from new harness to original harness.
Cut door liner hole to except updated panel.
Remove plastic pin in door panel and replace 1 pin from original


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Ebay used front panels 300.
GM door armrest brackets 45.00 set of 4
Rear new /double cab -550 a pair / Ebay cheaper for crew cab
PS note this is 2021 extended cab (Trailboss/ want to be.)
Basically a 2021 z71 RST with a 2 in gm lift performance kit /Like the double cab over crew cab but GM don't make Trailboss or zr2. in that trim
I'm making my own trim model.
Call me crazy
Also putting on new style ZR-2 hood to complete truck.
Photos door panels installed to match interior.
You make the call.


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