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2022 Configurations. Does the Online configurator drop this week?


Jan 26, 2022
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Fort Worth
I am looking to add a Trail Boss to my garage but want to be able to build out some of the new 2022... instead of the 2021 retreads. I've seen rumors that the configurator is going live this week but who knows with all of the delays.

I did find it interesting that the Costco Auto Program appears to have the updated options, that consumers can play with, and I've done some builds there. I go back and forth between LT and Custom making trade offs between the two when I build them out. In the Custom I'd probably get the 6.2L but in the LT I'd go with the 5.3L because that is how I get the 10 speed transmission. But it looks like going into the new 2022s (not the LTDs they are building now) the 6.2L is dropping from Custom trim and they might drop a color or two that will be available in the LT. Maybe the CostCo configurator has it wrong but has anyone seen rumors that the 6.2L is dropping from Custom?

Either way it is interesting to see some of the minor changes that the CostCo configurator has.

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