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2022 refreshed-need to install power folding mirrors-anyone have success with this?


Aug 16, 2022
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NorCal Wine Country
I would like to install power folding mirrors like cheap-ass GM should have on a $60k truck. I need to fold in order to get into garage. Have '22 refreshed TB LT.
Anyone with actual successful experience with this?
I would love to have this as well as I have a 22 refresh. My wife's 2023 z71 tahoe has power folding mirrors, amazing that the LT TB doesn't come with them standard.
Following as well. I have the same truck. I don’t have any issues getting in and out of my garage but it’s close enough that I’d like to fold them in.

There are some after market tow mirrors out there but you have to put in some pattern on the mirror controls to fold/unfold them. Honestly I’d prefer the standard mirrors over tow mirrors and it would be great if I could just swap out the controls to the power fold control and have it work.
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I talked to my local stealership and they grumbled about having to look up the different parts. they explained that are a
“package” option when ordered but there is no kit after the fact, me yyaaawn. They said they call me back in a week with a price
and that was 6 weeks ago. I don’t want to lose the cameras like after market options.
I put boost auto tow mirrors on my 2021 trailboss best setup in my opinion the power fold feature is simple to use with the factory switch
Bump as I'm looking to do this as well. I have the cheapo mirrors. 2023 LT trail boss.

looking at these as an option. One of the reviews says you'll need a new harness from the dealer. Just wondering if any one else here has done it.
This is not currently possible and may never be possible...no one has deciphered the new Global B system to the point where we know what's needed to add options like this. On the pre-refresh trucks it's a major project - you need to change both front seats, the HVAC panel, the driver's window controls, four harnesses and three modules in addition to the mirrors. Then you need to find someone who can do the programming - I believe WAMS can do it but i'm not positive. But you're going to be spending at least $2k in addition to the cost of the mirrors themselves.

I decided it's not worth the cost and time after researching the project for my truck. Though I agree that it's ridiculous they aren't included in the LT package in 2019 and on since my 2010 LT had them - along with a multitude of other things my 2021 is missing - like a power passenger seat, auto-dimming rear-view, lighted mirror visors, and sufficient interior lighting.

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