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2022 TB custom 2.7ho


Jun 8, 2022
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I just bought a new TB custom black on black with the 2.7ho engine. I actually sought this engine combo out after talking to a bunch of guys who own 2.7’s and love them. I will be towing my 19’ boat with it and will update on how she does after a couple trips.
I haven’t heard anything but good things about the 2.7👍
Definitely interested to read about your experience once you've got some miles on it. Especially interested to hear about the towing experience and where the torque kicks in best for you.

Admittedly, I am a snob for naturally aspirated V8 engines in half-tons and I am still unable to wrap my mind around a 4 banger in the Silverado. But there is no arguing with the specs they get out of that little block. Stick the turbo 4 cylinder, with the same tune and output as the Silverado, in the Colorado/Canyon and I am cheering it as a killer application. But for some reason I just like my V8s in the half tons and up. Someday the mounting evidence in favor of turboed 4 and 6 cylinder engines will win me over... but I sure will miss the cold-start grumble of a NA V8.
Yeah I hear you, my interest in it started with a couple Chevy mechanic friends telling me about their own 2.7 trucks and how much they like them, they went on to say they see less of them in the shop vs the v8’s, I guess the v-8’s had been having some serious issues. They also told me their mpg’s were way higher than rated. So we will see I guess, lol. It wasn’t a money thing for me, I wanted efficiency but wanted to stay away from diesel since it’s so cold here and the price is so high. I own a diesel truck and tractor and have had some gelling issues even with additives when it get in the -20 to -35 degree range. Just don’t want to deal with that and of course the cost now a days.
So I picked up the truck today, I’m breaking it in by varying the rpm’s like the manual says so will be a while before I can get good mpg numbers. My initial numbers show mid 20’s if driven under 65 mph with cruise control no head wind, about 20 mpg when driving over that up to 75 mpg+ when you get a drop off to 18mpg. Now that 18 was also me varying the rpm’s so who knows. Looks promising though. Engine sounds like a cross between a crx and a small diesel, lol. Not as cool sound as a v8 for sure. Pick up and go is excellent, there was no down shifting even at high speeds going up and down steep grades. Shifts were very smooth and no shakes or shimmy’s. I hope to have the break in done this week and will haul my new lund 1875 crossover to the lake fishing next weekend.
I was seeing 19 between 65 and 75. Mid 20's under that as well in my 5.3. This was before pushing my tires out and adding a 2" lift/level. Hopefully you see more after break in.
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Yeah, I had a suburban with a 5.3 and it would hit 20 mpg on long highway trips. These TB trucks are so tall they really get affected by wind resistance so don’t expect top fuel efficiency , should be good in snow though.
In my opinion,if that engine got way better mpg than the 5.3 then yes I'd try it but for the 1 or 2 mpg better and let's not forget that's without towing cause now it's way less no. and there's fewer in the shop cause there's way fewer out there.I bought the tb with the 3.0 and wow on the power and the mpg
If my truck only averages 18 mpg I’m gonna be a little disappointed, on the other hand I got a good deal on it and am happy with the power. I’m interested to see what the mpg’s are once it breaks in, it looks like it won’t be a lot better than the 5.3 though. I have a 100k 6 year bumper to bumper warranty in case it turns out to be troublesome, this is the first year of the new block and crank plus different programming ect…. I’m willing to give her a chance, I’ll update with post break in numbers. I’m also logging my numbers into fuelly and believe I’m the only 2022 TB on there.
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I have my lund 1875 xs crossover stored in one of my Quonset’s on my farm and took it out to wash it down and prepare it for the season. It’s pretty wet at the farmstead so I decided to run it to town to wash it down, a 20 mile round trip and my first trailering with the 2.7ho TB. It was 35mph winds so got a tail wind and a head wind and a couple smaller hills. It trailered great! It had more power than my 2008 suburban with a 5.3 did. Not searching for gears, passing was good, no complaints at all. Fuel mileage averaged 13-14mpgs. Very limited test but looks like it will work just fine for pulling the boat. We will be making a couple trips to Devils lake this weekend which is 1.5hours each way so will have a better idea. I also had a cover put on the bed and wheel well liners installed yesterday. All my old hitch/rock guard assembly’s fit and didn’t need adjustments since the 2.7 has a side exhaust, so that saved me $1000.
So I have a couple hundred miles towing my 6000# boat now. No wind it’ll do 13-14 any kind of wind and it’s 12. So about average for pulling a boat with my v8’s although my Titan will beat these numbers. Now without a boat it gets 4mpgs better than my other trucks. The low 20’s are easy to get and it seems to be getting better as I put the miles on. Folks need to remember this isn’t a basic truck, it’s lifted with big tires, mileage is going to take a hit but you’ll appreciate it in deep snow. I have friends with regular 2.7 pickups who are getting mid twenties do to better aerodynamics and smaller tires. I don’t think mid 20’s is a reasonable expectation without a Diesel engine. Anyways, the 2.7 pulls just fine for me, now let’s see if we have any longevity issues, my trucks get used hard living on a farm, time will tell I guess.

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