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2022 TB wheel well liners.

I have Husky's on mine. Paid $100 shipped for them. Rough Country has ones that are about the same as Husky and about $10-20 more. I hate the factory "felt" liner as it holds dirt and salt. I want to replace the front wheel liners if someone makes plastic replacements.
Thanks! I went on Amazon and ordered a set of husky’s . I can’t believe it didn’t come with a set from the factory! We live on a gravel road and my wheel wells will be chewed up in short order.
I installed the wheel liners yesterday, was an easy process. Seem like a good product
OEM is garbage material and cost twice as much as the Huskys.
I installed the husky’s. I like not having to take the factory rock deflectors off. There is a little 1/4”- 1” long gap on one of them but not bad. They certainly rinse off super easy.
I too have the Husky plastic liners. They took two minutes per side to install. I also did the frame cap inserts.

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