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2024 - Leveling Front

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT’s .. photos aren’t uploading from my phone but I’ll add before/after in the morning


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Nice! How much clearance do you have between the tire and the UCA?
It clears.. but BARELY. I’m actually going to add the smallest spacer available just to give it a little extra wiggle room.. 1/3” or 3/8” for peace of mind it won’t ever rub
I went with on the front Bilstein 6112s set at the top notch that put me 1.2'' above stock height and Bilstein 5160 on the rear, also change to the Bilstein UCAs , the ride is amazingly smooth. The wheels are ION Alloy 20X10 with -19 offset and tires are 33 X 12.5 BFG K02.


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I added a .25” spacer. Much better. Everything clears great now. Perfect setup.
Just curious where you found the spacers at? I was looking for thin spacers like that and mostly everything I found was for aftermarket wheels.
Google is your friend

Still haven't pulled the trigger yet. I think I'm going with the RL, 2" SST lift. Raise the front and the back and be close to level. Gonna wait until I bring in for that first rotation and let tire shop install. Running the 285/65/20 on stocks clear the UCAs so hopefully with new control arms they'll still be clearance. The body lines on the truck are throwing me off on pics. I can tell it's perfectly level when I see a pic but looks high in front with lines. Oh, well.
the 1.75" RL sets MINE dead level across the rockers and bed rail. It does APPEAR nose high due to the body lines.

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