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2025 Chevy Silverado HD Trail Boss becomes official!


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Apr 15, 2020
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General Motors has recently revealed the 2025 Chevy Silverado HD, featuring a range of updates and enhancements. Among these is the notable addition of the 2025 Chevy Silverado HD Trail Boss package, a significant expansion of GM's Trail Boss series, emphasizing off-road capabilities and distinct styling elements. This comes following the introduction of the refreshed Chevy Silverado HD in 2024, with the 2025 iteration bringing further refinements.

The company has shared specifics about what the Trail Boss package includes. Key features are the standard inclusion of either the LT or LTZ trim equipment, augmented by the Z71 shocks and suspension package, and striking 20-inch black wheels fitted with off-road tires. The package also boasts Trail Boss bed decals, red recovery hooks, black bumpers at both ends, black trim, and black badges.

Powering the 2025 Chevy Silverado HD Trail Boss is the default 6.6L V8 L8T gasoline engine, delivering 401 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque. An alternative is the 6.6L V8 L5P turbodiesel Duramax engine, offering a robust 470 horsepower and 975 pound-feet of torque.

The launch of the 2025 Chevy Silverado HD Trail Boss is scheduled for this summer, with price details anticipated to be released nearer to the commencement of regular production.
Ironically, due to how much new vehicle prices have skyrocketed since 2020 I think I'm headed the opposite direction and would downgrade to the Colorado. It seems GM is finally listening on how the Trail Boss should be an option package instead of a trim level. Hopefully that logic expands to all of the truck segments.
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