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'21 6.2 low RPM engine stutter

Trail Brian

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Sep 12, 2021
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WA State
Hope someone can shed some light .... my engine has a pretty decent stutter at 1000 to 1500 rpm, which happens going slowly and starting up a rise in the road/low hill etc. its abrupt..... once it shifts down to another gear it starts to accelerate and act normal ? this went on the other day on a 1 hour hwy drive, I hammered it a couple times to get a highspeed miss and the engine light came on a couple times and went out... when I arrived at home I plugged in my OBD and saw a PO302 code which is a #2 cylinder plug wire, plug etc.... I wiggled the boot at the #2 plug which felt loose and almost felt like it clicked into place ?
This morning seemed fine till the engine had been running for approx 40 minutes then started to act up....came home again no engine light and no code... I figure If I drive it long enough I may pull another 302 code ? bad plug wire ? water in the tank ? I run Premo gas only ..... anyone had a similar experience
I'm asking here because the closest dealership is 5 hours away and I don't feel good about driving it that far as I'm on the Baja and If it decides to shut down I'm gonna be stuck for a few hours ....
my gut tells me wires ? but I'm not a engine tech... any help would be hugely appreciated !!
Thank You, Brian
Donslife on Youtube just had his GMC Sierra AT4 in the shop for a miss and they found a bad fuel injector. No issues with my 6.2 at 18,500 miles.
I thought I would update …. the number two spark plug inner metal clip was only 4 mm inside the rubber boot then the metal plug boot jacket over that … the rest of the spark plug boots the inside plug receptacles were 20 mm inside the rubber boot … my only thought is the plug being that way was arching through the metal heat shield boot and going to the engine head… there was some odd pitting on and around the receptacle itself… Once all were replaced the engine ran flawless
hopefully this will be helpful to others ….

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