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22 Custom TB rear bumper replacement

Todd Parker

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Dec 28, 2023
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Well, I managed to put a dent in my rear chrome bumper. It’s not major, but enough to piss me off and is not able to be pounded out. I was wondering if anybody had replaced their back bumper and what product they were most satisfied with. I’m currently looking at rough country. Thank you very much.
Check out facebook and craigslist. you can generally find OEM bumpers for cheap. I replaced my front bumper with a brand new take-off for $125, and I remember seeing rear bumpers posted as well.
I don’t recall seeing too many (if any) full replacement rears on here. I would suspect go with the look you like and the reviews you can find. Good luck. Show us when you decide.
How did you get a chrome bumper on a Trail Boss? They are blacked out as part of the Trail Boss package
Yeah, my head is spinning looking at all of the options. Does anyone here have led lights on their rear bumper? I like the Fishbone Rockfish off road. Please post any pics of any replacement boppers. You guys may have put on thank you!

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