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'22 Refresh Infotainment Issue


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May 28, 2022
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Since new, I've had a problem with the secondary infotainment screen flashing on/off when using CarPlay. It's very distracting to see the flicker while driving. Has anyone else experienced this?
My screen does it randomly. Probably once every couple of weeks. It acts like it looses CarPlay and then quickly comes back a few times in a row. Almost like something is interfering with the signal.
It happens about every 30 seconds or quicker while using wireless carplay - only on the secondary screen. Regardless of what's displayed (podcast, spotify, etc), it flashes. I know the dealer will say they did a software upgrade or similar, but guaranteed, it'll continue.
No issue with my screen, but likely a setting I haven't found, volume on XM/Sirius radio is way below that of the radio channels so when switching the sound jumps or drops depending on which way.

2nd issue, after vehicle starts and infotainment system begins usually in 10-30 seconds the sound stops then picks right back up then volume plays fine the rest of the ride whether 5 minutes or hours. Weird glitch that is becoming annoying.

Anyone experience or have a solution, is their a smart volume setting for the first item. Luckily my screen has not done the reset like others.
I have experienced my Amazon music not playing unless I pause the song first then hit play or if I have waze going and then try to launch amazon music after it doesn't want to load. Thoughts?
I've had the same issue when using wireless. Probably a few times a month I will notice it. If I'm plugged in I have not noticed any issue.
I am always on wireless as that is suppossed to be the value of the fancy infotainment system and its ability to connect to our phones via android play or apple car play. The other issue that annoys me is if I touch my phone wireless or connected (because I occasionally connect to charge since the wireless charger almost never charges if phone isn't in perfect spot) the car play switches to my apple music account and disconnects from radio or satellite. I am hoping a software update comes along that clears up some of these little glitchy things. Almost feel like a should of saved $15K and just got a Trail Boss custom without all the bells and whistles. Do love the truck!! It is just all these little things that are annoying.

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