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'23 Trail Boss or '23 Super Duty


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Nov 22, 2022
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I realize this is a Trail Boss forum, but I'm sure many on here have compared different vehicles before their actual purchase. I currently have a new TB on order, but I've been very interested in the new Ford Super Duty and find myself still debating between the two. I have zero need for a 3/4 ton truck, but have always found myself drawn to them, especially with the new redesign. From a longetivity/durability/dependability perspective, I'm interested in thoughts/opinions between the TB 5.3/10spd and the new SD 6.8/10spd gas. I tend to hold onto my vehicles for awhile, don't drive a ton, so economy is not much of a concern, and either would more than sufficient for any of my towing needs. Is there a strong argument for one over the other in todays current market, supply chain, QC environment?
You’re comparing apples to oranges-I’ve owned both- It really depends on what you will use the truck for in my opinion. To get a better comparison you would need to put the Superduty up against the 2500.
I traded a 2019 F350 in for my Trailboss, but they are completely different animals. That being said, I love the ride and handling of the Chevy. This forum will more than likely be biased in that direction. Good luck 👍
If I were doing heavy towing, above 10,000 pounds most of the time, I would go with the Ford.. The TB will be a better ride on the road, suspension of course is less stiff in a 1/2 ton- 3/4 ton..Both are great trucks and both are more than capable of what it sounds like you would be using them for.. Go with whichever one you think looks better if that’s the case, just my honest opinion… I have NO brand loyalty, I have owned every make of truck except Nissan…My LT TB is the longest truck I have ever owned if that tells you anything, bought it brand new 11-15-2019!! It’s a 2020.. I love everything about it and plan on keeping it another 2-3 years, it’s that good.. I have made a few changes to make it mine 👍


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The 3/4 ton drives and handles like a truck and is not fun to drive., the only advantage that rig has is it hauls bigger loads for sure....the Trail Boss particularly with the 6.2 drives more like a sports car than a truck in stock form .... The above members comments are as always spot on...
Thanks for the feedback. I know it's apples to oranges trying to compare a 1/2 ton with a 3/4 ton. They're just the only two trucks that really appeal to me. I know the TB would lilkley be a much more comfortable ride, just wonder from a longetivity standpoint if the Super Duty would have an edge. As I noted, I do have a TB Custom, standard bed on order. My common sense tells me this would be a much more practical option for me and my intended use. I just really do like the new Super Duty and don't want to regret my decision when I finally see one in person...which could be awhile with the way things are going with Ford.

Again, thanks for the constructive feedback!

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