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6.2 MPG on 35's


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Jan 16, 2023
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Is anyone running 35s on a leveled 6.2 trail boss? wondering what kind of MPG hit would come with mounting bigger tires. Thanks in advance!
I'll be finding out in a couple months. Going to depend on wheel size and weight as well as tire weight. I bought 2 different sets of 17's. Stock I have the 20" wheel option. I have 17x9.5 wheels with 35x10.5 tires going on for normal driving. Then I have a set of 17x8 wheels with 315/70/17 with more aggressive off road/mud tires.
Lots of factors to contemplate that can affect the result - weight of wheel and tire combo, driving style, altitude, flat or hilly terrain, etc... Typically though, most say to expect at least a 2-3MPG drop. City driving is where it really is affected due to the constant stop and go.
Man…. I read the title as you getting 6.2MPG with 35’s, I was prepared to say that something was very wrong.

I know we don’t buy these trucks for MPG’s, but I was hoping I had better to look forward to than that…
lmao, prolly should have worded that differently!
lmao, prolly should have worded that differently!
Ha! I read the same thing, having just scheduled a level and purchased 35s last night! WHEW!
Having driven V8s for several years and currently driving a BMW m5 fairly aggressively from time to time, I’ve come to the conclusion that Smiles per gallon is better than Miles per gallon. To a certain degree of course. lol!
City: 12 // Hwy: 15 - in summer it’s less by -1 or so.

City is bad due to primarily short trips and an assload of traffic lights and stops. Hwy could be better, but that is averaging 75 - 80mph. I don’t drive much and usually baby the throttle, MPG doesn’t matter to me as a tank will usually last over a month.
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