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Adding 10mm spacers



I just put Falken Wildpeak 295/70/18's on my stock wheels with the rough country 1.5 leveling kit for trail Boss. the tires in front are super close to the control arms so I was thinking 10mm Bora spacers but wondering if the lug bolts are long enough ?
You should be fine with that. I had 1/4" on my last truck with no issues.

How are the falkens compared to the duratacs? Ride,noise, mpg
They are Great tire"s super quiet the truck just drives way better . I got them on Amazon delivered to my house in 3 days.Also the best price I found was Amazon also no rubbing at all with rc 1.5 leveling kit for TB
Mines leveled, same size tires was close to UCA. I added RC 2", no problem with rubbing. Pictures will show the stance.


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Looks Great, I have the spacers but no need nothing is rubbing I went with the RC 1.5" for Trail Boss . I like the look of the 2" though
Your lug nuts will be long enough to add the 10mm spacers.. Bora makes great hub to wheel centric spacers, All I ever USE.

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