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Anybody installed the Eibach Pro-Truck 2.0 Coilovers


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Apr 14, 2023
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I have a '22 Silverado LTZ and LM2 with the Trail Boss kit installed.

I'm toying with the idea of adding coilovers and leveling at the same time. I have considered the Cognito kit with the Fox 2.0 coilovers but my only reservation is the fact that you cannot adjust the coilovers with them on the truck. According to Fox they have to be removed, springs compressed and then adjusted.

I had Halo (rebranded Elka) on my previous truck but they were a little too firm/harsh. I had also considered ICON but they are Digressive shocks and probably also too firm for everyday driving.

The front-runner right now is the Eibach Pro-Truck 2.0. The seem to be the best option and a good all around option for what I need. Has anybody installed these on a Trail Boss truck?

I did confirm with Eibach that while they are a 2" lift coilover for a standard suspension truck, they do have enough adjustment left on the collar for me to get the additional 1" lift if needed.
following this, as i too intend to switch to a coil over and maintain my leveled height. the FOX is said to be the leader in DD comfort but lends to a slight body roll.
the bilstein is stiffer than i care for a DD and i have been pondering the eibach set up.

in the years past, i have had several DODGE cummins trucks...most with Carli, one with DIALED MOTORSPORTS...and one with Thuren.
by far, the best riding coil, as all started with 5100 bilsteins, was the DIALED MOTORSPORTS, which was an eibach coil.

very curious as to what you decide, i have been leaning towards the FOX 2.5 Elites, simply for looks above all. my decision will land with my choice of rear leafs...looking hard at the deavers.
I can't remember which forum but I read a thread on a guy with an AT4 (refresh I believe) who went with the Fox 2.0. He said he saw very little, if any, improvement in ride over the stock AT4. He said firmness didn't change, big hits in the roadway (potholes, expansion joints, etc) and bodyroll was still about the same. He was not happy with the "improvement" with what he spent and said he should have go with 2.5s.

Then there was another guy with a refresh Sierra with the X31 package that said he saw a huge improvement when he went to the Fox 2.0s.

Here is what I have found in my research: Fox is Linear valving with a 500/550lb spring. ICON is Digressive with a 700lb spring and Eiback is Digressive with a 600lb spring.

The one thing about ride, firmness, performance, etc is that it is very subjective so it's tough sometimes to get an accurate assessment.
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it is indeed a very subjective topic, most do not understand...these named brands are meant for offroad performance, controlling the truck with larger movements at speed. Most people would probably prefer a MONROE gasmatic if they made it. too many people want sedan like ride quality and that is not what these do...

can they ??? YES, with custom rates and valving (KING shocks). the Eibach is sad to be a very middle ground for comfort and control...BUT, if you preload more for the additional lift...that changes every perspective and does not allow feed back that others can deem viable. it will be good feedback for those who understand...but not for most.
I put a set of Bilstein 5100s on the rear of my TB. The ride got stiffer (duh) which I should have known and actually did know but I installed them anyway. I could put a couple bags of concrete in the bed (or my mother in law) to smoothe out the ride I guess. The Bilsteins look better than those white Ranchos:p
I had Bilstein on my previous 2008 but took them off after less than 10,000 miles. They were just too firm.

I had thought about putting a new set on just the rear for now but not sure which brand though. I'm going to be putting a set of Air Lift bags on there at some point too.

I had another thought. Is it advisable to use a small lower spacer with a coilover? I was thinking that instead of adjusting the preload on the springs for the additional height (while firming up the ride at the same time) I could either leave it as is or maybe even lower it and then use the 1/4" spacer for the additional 1/2" if I need it.

I had Halo coilovers (rebranded Elkas) on my 2008 and they actually sent lower spacers in the kit.
the only issues i have seen with a spacer and aftermarket coil overs, is depending on the brand...some will work with top only, others with bottom only, al depends on coil diameter and length. some coils hit the upper arm at droop with a spacer at either end.
Put them on for a short time. Liked the ride far better than Ranchos and they look great, didn't find them stiff unless you crank up the lift close to max. Took them off since I wanted to level the truck and put 35s on, so went with Bilstein 6112s and a .5 spacer.

Would say the Eibachs look way better than the Bilsteins, but they seem to perform similar overall.

Would sell you mine if you were local, as they have maybe 10 miles of use.
So when you had the Eibachs on, you just had them at stock TB/AT4 height? If you had them at stock height, do you think there was enough adjustment left to get an additional inch to level? Eibach said that out of the book there should be an additional 9/16" of collar adjustment left and there is a minimum distance that must be kept between the base of the coilover and bottom of the collar.

How do the 6112s compare to the stock Ranchos and the Eibachs in control, firmness, etc? Don't you have you use the springs from the stock struts?
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I had it close to the same height, but it settled some and more than likely would have settled a bit more had I left it on. They did have more adjustment left and I tried to see what the ride was like at max, but wasn’t a fan due to the stiffness it caused being so preloaded.

The Bilsteins are nice and have far better control than the Ranchos. I would say the Eibachs seemed ever so slightly more forgiving than 6112s but still handled really well when they aren’t maxed out in the lift amount. I would keep the Eibachs over the Bilsteins if they would have worked for leveling a TB (not made to handle that much lift).

The 6112s came with new springs. I chunked all the stock stuff.
How would you compare the 6112's vs the 5100's? Which clip ring did you use with the .5" spacer?

The 5100's were way too stiff for me which is where my hesitation is with putting Bilsteins back on. There are so many options out there. Ideally I'd like to go with a coilover and use a small spacer so I don't have to put so much preload on the coilover and have the ride suffer.
If you didn’t like the 5100s, I would say you wouldn’t like the 6112s either. The Bilsteins will be stiffer overall and for some is the biggest complaint they have with them. If I were you, I would look into some Kings if you want a more supple ride and better shock, buy once - cry once. Some have switched to the ZR2s DSSV setup as an upgrade.

I have the 6112s at the highest clip which gives me 1.2” of lift with my 6.2, and needed the spacer to get me to 1.7”. My truck is dead level front to back and although stiffer than stock, suits me great.
i am planning on pulling the trigger on the Fox 2.5 elite...i feel with the adjusters, i can get the best of both or make quick switches when needed
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I've been keeping a lookout for some DSSV takeoffs but highly doubt people are going to buy a ZR2 and remove those.

I keep going back to the ICONs because their coilover will give 1" of lift on the Trail Boss were most other coilovers keep the stock TB height but I'm afraid they are going to be too stiff since they are digressive and use a pretty heavy spring.

While external reservoir coilovers would be nice, I can't justify that expense when they will not be used to anywhere near what they are capable of.

i have posted others as well....there are numerous ZR2's running around with way better shocks than the DSSV

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