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Anyone Tune their trailboss?


Jan 6, 2023
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Since getting my lift and tires on the highway it doesn't want to stay in 10th gear it keeps jumping down even when in cruise control. Gear swap is nit a option due to having nothing for the front available yet. Anyone tune theirs to help mitigate this issue? Any suggestions?
I have a canned tune from Superchips. But they are very clear that there is no re-write on the TCM for the transmission. It does allow you to adjust your speedo to be more accurate with the larger tires, however. And you do get some good power gains in the mid RPM range, so that might help you stay in 10th gear. The only downside is that you have to remove the ECM from your truck and ship it to them so it can be unlocked, then they get it done within 24 hours and overnight air-ship it back to you. So if you time everything correctly, your truck will be down for a minimum of three to four days. This will be the same scenario for any tuner or custom tune that you proceed with.

Also, it is possible that your transmission may just need to re-learn the new driving conditions with the larger tires and lift.
Hopefully it corrects itself. I did install the rough country speedo calibrator which is also supposed to change the shift points but I haven't really noticed a difference.
I had a similar issue with my 2016 Wrangler when I put a lift and 35s on it. I had it re-programmed to recalibrate the speedometer and correct the tire size, but I had to feather it to get it to shift into OD at highway speeds.

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