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Anyone use bilstein upper control arms?

Sneaky Pete

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Feb 2, 2024
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I’ve got a 2019 Trailboss that’s got a meeting with some bilstein parts coming up. I order the 5100 shocks and bilstein upper control arms, question is will the stock wheels and for now tires clear the new uca or will I need spacers to keep from hitting? Anyone have any first hand knowledge with the uca?
I can’t speak for everyone but haven’t seen anyone mention using bilsteins UCAs. Their website mentions requiring wheels with a max of 4.75” backspacing, stock 18’s are 5.77 I believe. I’d bet on needing spacers.
About $700 so kinda expensive
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I went with the dirt king upper arms and bilstein 5100s and am currently trying to figure this out as well. I’m hoping I can run 1/4 inch spacers just up front and clear 295/70r18s. Unless someone could tell me if they have run 1 inch wheel spacers. Does the back of the wheel clear the factory studs? It seems people have run 1.25 spacers with success…
I recommend these (I got these because they looked cool, not necessarily because they are the best). And today, they are covered in mud and it hurts to know that I spent a lot of money on them whenever I pressure wash the wheel wells

Screenshot 2024-02-09 205532.png

I am looking at doing Bilstein 6112 and Shock Surplus suggesting either Bilstein or Icon UCA’s. Looking to mount 285/75r18’s on the stock 18” wheels. This would be about 0.5” taller.
This is the clearance with stock wheels and tires 265/60/20s , no spacers, hope this helps


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After all of my research I went to pull the trigger on the Bilstein 6112 / 5100 w/ Bilstein UCA and Shock Surplus is back ordered on the 6112’s for 4 - 6 weeks. Have Bora 1/4” spacers on the way just to be safe. Had not pulled trigger on the tires yet.

@Transient your 285/75r18 is on stock wheels without a level, correct? I am thinking of going ahead with a mudflap delete and doing the tires before the struts are available to ship. I know I can find them elsewhere, but the SS guys were very helpful. If this works with a reasonable amount of wheel well trimming and no run it opens the doors to a Fox 2.0 instead (would not get the level, which I am mostly doing for fitment with the 35’s).

Looking around it seems the RC delete is the most popular, any others I should consider?

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