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Automatic tailgate opening and closing


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Jul 13, 2022
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East Tennessee
2021 6.2 liter trail boss. When starting truck the automatic tailgate will open and try to close. Can only raise the tailgate about half way and then lowers again. Does this for about 2 minutes , anyone else seen this. Thanks
Mine only has the automatic release, it doesn't have the automatic close. But I otherwise haven't had any issues with it opening on its own. I would certainly have your Chevy dealership take a look at it. Electronics have never been my cup of tea lol.
That's a dealer issue for sure. Reports like this is why it bugs me the gate opens only with an electric button. The first time I saw it I wanted a manual latch to override the button. I have a trifold bed cover. I am camping and wheeling in the wilderness all the time. All it will take is a power failure or electronic bug and I won't be able to get to my stuff without breaking in. Good luck thats a bug for sure.

Maybe just try "rebooting" the truck. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 10 minutes then reconnect. Might work. might not but worth a shot (y).

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