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Apr 19, 2022
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Dallas, Texas
I was wondering if anyone here has wrapped the B-Pillars with a gloss black to cover the flat black that's from the factory?
I did the swap as shown in video above


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I just wish i could find one for in front of the side mirrors to match
I actually, unfortunately, had to replace my passenger side mirror three months after I purchased my 2021 Trail Boss. I shatterd the glass while backing into my garage lol. At the time, they didn't have 2021 side mirrors available to purchase. All they had was 2020. The only difference is that 2020 was matte black like these pillars mentioned in this thread. So I had to take apart that mirror when I received it, and take apart my old mirror, and swap out the covers so that I would have matching gloss black.

So long story long lol, if you want matte black, order a 2020 mirror. If you want gloss black, order 2021 or newer.
The black stainless I bought are 8 piece and not 4 or 6 like most of what I see on ebay. It has pieces for on the door mirror area, B, C and the rear door sliver piece.
Do you happen to have a link? How was install and do they hold up well?
I looked them up last night and they came down in price. They were $73 when I bought them. They're $60 now. They're held on with double side tape. It's stainless so just wipe them off with glass cleaner or something that won't leave streaks. LINK

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