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Jan 23, 2023
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Trying to buy a backup camera for my 2020 trailboss custom but I cannot seem to find an accurate part number . I don't trust Chevy website because they list my vin as having the 4.7 V6 when in fact I have the 5.3 even have the engine tag saying 5.3 with the matching vin on the same tag. Anyone know a good place to get a replacement camera this would be the one on the tailgate in the latch handle
Need to replace it sometimes it works sometimes it don't. And occasionally when it does work it has lines in it. I've checked all connections so I'm guessing it's the camera
Well that sucks.
I would try something first. Do some research and find out where the harness plugs in. Get some contact cleaner, clean the contacts, and then dry the connector out real good before reconnecting.
I'm personally having issues with my taillights and I have a feeling that GM's connectors are not as moisture resistant as they are supposed to be.
I see a bunch of camera part numbers on Amazon, but try what I suggested above first, will be a lot cheaper. And if it you find something that works, be sure to come back here and tell us about it.

Above video is the last generation truck, but I bet it's the same setup. Connector under the truck near the spare tire.
I'm with Keller. The camera is the last thing on the troubleshooting list for me. Cables and connections fail all the time. Lines on the monitor or big square pixelation is often cable issues. It's also intermittent thats another cable sign.

I'll go through the connectors again , I've been through them once from the camera to the plug near the spare tire all the wires seem good and I've cleaned with electrical cleaner and even used dielectric grease because I had some laying around

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