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Backup Camera


Aug 1, 2023
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South Louisiana
Could this be my imagination or do others see this? I have 21 TB LT 6.2L, when backing into spaces, or up to objects the camera view distance is considerably more than actual. As I seem to get closer to an object, it seems to close in pretty quick. Last night I was backing into a space and coincidentally there was another TB in the spot behind me. I was using the camera and even my Wife noticed the distance of camera to actual from where I stopped. Does anybody else notice or have the issue?
Not 100% sure what you're saying. Is it that objects close in faster than the actual speed of the truck? Or that you stop much closer to objects than the camera would have you believe?

Either way, I agree. But, that is a function of a wide angle lens. I would say all backup cameras that I have used behave that way.
the distance is relatively accurate on mine...the a ANGLE has a lot to be desired. anything in that camera, appears to be making contact with top of the tailgate, long before i am even close...GM can do much better than this.

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