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Jun 12, 2021
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Hi, just stopped by the dealership and put a deposit down on a LT TB 6.2L currently in production. It's a short bed and when I asked about other trucks having the standard size bed, the sales rep said something about only the short bed being produced for the TB. Is that accurate? You can build a TB online w/ standard bed.
Nonsense. Standard beds are available, just harder to find. I couldve bought a short bed off any lot i wanted, but had a harder time finding a full bed custom. Got one though. They do make them. There were full bed lt trailbosses available too. Could have bought one any day.
It’s scary how much some salesmen either don’t know about the vehicles they sell.......or just make up.
I sure as heck hope they're making LT TBs with the Standard bed.....I have one on order! Well.....order accepted anyway......
that was a big dragged out decision on my part to what size bed... the short bed looks better and and better turning radius for sure ..... I got the standard bed as I need the room when I need it...The rare TB I see in WA state is a standard bed..
I was going to order the standard bed when I ordered my truck last April, but the dealer said they didn't know how long it would take for it to be built since the major production configuration is crew cab short bed. I decided I didn't really need it as I have a 6x12 enclosed trailer if I need to haul long stuff. I ended up getting the truck in 5 weeks! I'm actually glad I did because I pulled my Avalanche in my barn to work on it over the winter and I have JUST enough room to pull the TB in behind it and close the door. If I had the standard bed it wouldn't fit and I would have had to park outside all winter.

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