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Bilstein 6112s shocks


Sep 10, 2020
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Hey all,
Just wanted to express how awesome these Bilstein 6112s are on the Trailboss.
If you thinking about upgrading the suspension, then I think the Bilsteins are the best choice for the money.
Absolutely changes the ride to be more planted around corners and eats speed bumps and curbs with merely a plunckity clunk, not jolting the cab like the crap rancheros.
Some may say they don't see a difference between the 5100s and the 6112s, but have had both and I can say that the 5100s are fantastic, but can be harsh on washboard, whereas the 6112s offer less body roll on turns, but soak up harsh bumps that the 5100 can't handle.
Don't like the $732 price, call Cory at P3 440-391-1817,
He gave me these for $655 flat... taxes, shipping, and all, then he shipped the 55lb that arrived next day! Can't beat that!!!
His deals were so good, I got the pulsar dirt cheap, gonna order everything from this guy from now on.
Make sure you call him, he can give you a better deal than online.

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