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Blank Dash Switches


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Dec 29, 2020
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Anyone know if you can utilize the dead spaces to put in a switch?? I know the higher end models utilize the switches for other things but I was wondering if you could swap out the blank plate for a aux switch so it looks factory. Plus if it’s possible how difficult would it be?
Should be able to; if you go to the video install instruction for the Auto Stop Eliminator, it shows you how to get that facia cover out to install the switch module....might be a great place to start!
I’ve been trying to find information on the exact same mod. I’ve also wondered if the spot where the 12v plug normally would be on the TBC has the wiring behind it to install a plug there or if you would have to run it yourself if you wanted to add it.

In my humble opinion the GM up-fitter kit is a better option for Aux switches...
As I understand it the hazard panel switches activate the desired circuits through various body control modules. You would need to figure out what a switch was designed to be used for and use it accordingly (some may not be up to the amperage you would want to put through them).

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