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Body shop time


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Mar 12, 2023
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New Hampshire
Bought the TB about a month ago. Pulled the decals off the bed only to find they had been painted over on the passenger side. Come to find out truck had been repaired and painted. Dealer (used) didn’t know, carfax checked out, no accidents. We figured previous owner had it repaired as cheaply as possible and traded for a Toyota hybrid. I’m pissed at myself for not being more thorough on inspection, more pissed that it wasn’t reported or repaired properly. Used a screw type slide hammer to pull the dent and body guy didn’t weld the holes, just filled with mud.

On a good note, selling dealer stepped up to the plate, gave some $ to fix even though they didn’t have to. My body guy has it now as you can see.

This is why CarFax isn't any real guarantee. It only shows up if someone logs it in a computer somewhere against the VIN. If you don't file an insurance claim and just take it to somebody doing cash work out of their barn, nothing shows. I've ran across vehicles touting a clean CarFax but I looked the vehicle over and found some questionable things that looked like it had been repaired/repainted.
Hope it works out buddy that fire red looks awesome! Also debadge or blacking them out is the way to go. Chrome in my opinion should’ve stayed with classical cars.
Yup, going with original cherry red. Just got it back yesterday. In my eyes, my painter did a great job. Blended the front door in very well. Need to give it a good wash and then I’ll get some pix.
Aaannndddd the finished product. Finally had some decent weather to wash. Found a couple of buffer trails to polish out. Will take care of those when the paint finishes gassing off.


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