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Mar 30, 2021
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Orange ca
I just picked up my TB. It don’t come with the break controller. I could have waited another 2 months maybe I would have been luck to find one. Anyway.. o want to ad a break controller. Most of what I’ve seen is the curt in the blank spot. What have you guys done?


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Both of Curts newer controllers work great and are very popular. We do very well with the echo since it doesn’t require any modification to the dash and doesn’t require a control harness.
Can you share a model number. All I’ve seen is the curt with the knob that everyone mounts to the blank plate
I just looked it up. I like the concept. Id be worried someone taking it or getting wet when launching the boat.
Yeah - haven’t had too much trouble with that. You’re using a brake controller for a boat trailer?
The reason I ask, is those two things don’t typically play well.
So, I'm seeing that we have a connector under the dash on the driver side, nearest the door, is this correct?
EDIT: Just looked, appears correct.

I'm also hearing we were supposed to have a factory pig tail, for the trailer brake wiring, in the glove box, is this correct?
EDIT: Looked in my glovebox, and I've got one.

Also, can we just buy the OE controller, pop it in the dash, and plug up the pig tail? If not, why not?
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