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California muffler delete problems


Apr 23, 2023
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OC California
Question for all of you who live in California and have a muffler delete. My question to you is have you had any issues with law enforcement or smog registration while running a muffler delete?
Deletes, cutouts and bypasses are not legal in CA. Exhaust systems are required to have mufflers that keep sound level to 95 decibels or below (for reference that's how loud a gas lawn mower is at full throttle). Vehicles that are 7 years old and newer don't get a smog check, you pay a smog abatement fee with each years registration. Anything older than 7 years has to be smog checked once every 2 years; physical inspection, functional test and tailpipe emission test. Factory cat-back systems sold and installed by a dealer are good to go. Any aftermarket parts must be CARB certified (50 state legal) and will have a reference number/paperwork to show a smog check tech. 1975 and older vehicles (pre catalytic converter) are exempt (no smog check required).

I hear vehicles all day long that don't meet the sound requirement and in my humble opinion I think it depends on where you live, how you drive, and the mood on any given day of a law enforcement officer. So... if your truck is newer than 7 years and you drive reasonably, it leads one to believe that you could (but I'm not recommending it for legal reasons!:LOL:) get away with loud exhaust until that first smog check is due...

That being said, I'm old enough that I really appreciate how quiet my stock Trail Boss exhaust is going down the road and the 5.3 has more HP than I need. :cool: 🤘 Best of luck to you!
And diesel engine equipped light vehicles are every 2 years regardless of age.

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