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Caliper covers for 2023 LT ?


Try the MGP Caliper Covers Store if Amazon does not work up there.
Rough country sells them online too..

the rough country are much nicer looking IMO
also read closely you MIGHT need to add 1/4" wheel spacers
Paint is cheaper and looks better. Covers look ricer.
I have to agree. Get some good paint and do them yourself. I don't know what paint they used on by vette from the factory but it appears really thick and shiny. They might have been powder coated. They don't collect a lot of brake dust either...wheels are another issue.
May want to check your local powder coating company. IMHO its a much cleaner look
There is a company local to me that will do it in a day. Drop your car off in the Am and pick it up at 6pm done in your choice of color,

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