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Cam Swap.


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Jun 7, 2022
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Just checking in to see if anyone has swapped cams in their TB's. I have a couple of them that I was looking at from Texas Speed. Anyway, if you have, please feel free to comment. I know im not the only one that loves the sound of a cammed Chevy motor.
As a Corvette owner, I have considered the benefits and costs of alternative camshafts. I find it fascinating to contemplate a radical cam for my TB ... the truck is so very far removed from being anything like a Corvette.

So I went and looked at camshaft Offers from Texas Speed. It seems to me that all of the camshafts that they offer for 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 trucks are Not Legal for street and highway, intended for competition only. Am I missing something?

For my 2007 Base Corvette, I installed a Hooker Blackheart Axle-back exhaust package with resonators. This provides enough Crackle and Pop to alleviate the absence of that Cammed-Chevy sound ...
I'm actually looking elsewhere for cam options. Brian Tooley has the Truck Norris cam that is pretty appealing. I was looking at the chopacabra cam from TSP, but it doesn't really fit the MY of our trucks. So there's that.

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