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Camping tent wood stoves...


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Nov 7, 2023
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Hey All!
I have been watching a lot of youtube videos about a certain camping park I'm considering winter camping at (however, we're in a travel trailer with electric...so no need for a wood stove), but I have come across lots of people with wood stoves in tents, not really knowing how to create a fire, or keep it warm. So I want to do a write up and post it, however, I'm busy for the time being. Would anyone like to write up a comprehensive how to make a fire for a camping wood stove?
Issues that need to be addressed: Many are leaving the door wide open upon start up, many are not loading the stove east to west, nor adding big enough spits for night, nor filling the fire box.
I could write it up my self, but like I said, I'm busy...and well (I think I have covid and my mind is literally dumbed right down and I know I'll forget important stuff, but that's another story) I'm sure one of you would love to help 😀
Most portable camping wood stoves are made for larger tents. They usually are N/S box loaders made of relatively light metal for portability. How to run them depends on one's skill level, the wood supply, and how cold it is. Most important is that the flue pipe does not set the tent on fire! And that an errant ember does not do the same! This does happen sometimes, even to seasoned vets.
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I have one Solo camping wood stoves with stove jacks and a KeeBon camping pellet stove. I've used for the past few years. One is a 5m/16ft and the other is a 6m/20ft. 285gsm canvas w/ pvc floors, they are ok if you are setting up base camp or sledding/utv'ing the tent in. About 90 and 120lbs, respectively. I like the bells for ease of setup vs. wall tents when you start going larger, plus they have less wall area per square foot of floor area which helps.
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I'm intrigued by the KeeBon pellet stove! I've been using a wood-burning stove for years, but I'm curious about the convenience and efficiency of camping pellet stoves. How's the heat output compared to the Solo? And is it easy to find pellets in remote areas?

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