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Can I use PN: PAC LPHGM71 to get cables for Rear L/R so that I can tap off this for a Amp?


Feb 6, 2022
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Did you READ the description????

Provides signal for your system​

PAC designed this vehicle-specific T-harness to work with their LPA LocPro Advanced line output converters, but it'll also work with almost any sound processor or line output converter, as well as most amplifiers with high-level inputs. The harness also supplies the connection wires for low-power constant 12 volts (fused for your protection), accessory power, ground, and remote turn-on leads for a system device like an active signal processor.

Note: The power and ground wires in this harness will only support a low-current accessory, like an active line output converter or digital signal processor, and should not be used to power an amplifier.

It comes wired for adding a sub​

The T-harness pigtail includes four speaker-level channels, eight wires, that you can use for the sub amp's inputs. The amplifier will have to get its power and ground connections separately. The factory radio will still run all the speakers.

For powering a system, you'll need to cut and splice some wires​

You can use all four of the T-harness's speaker-level channels for your aftermarket system's inputs. PAC has made provisions in this harness for sending your aftermarket amplifier's outputs back through the factory wiring and onto the speakers. The appropriate wire bundle has clearly marked labels showing you which wires to cut and where, which wires you'll need to cap off, and which wires you'll need to connect to your aftermarket amplifier's outputs.
Possibly. Take a look at your connectors. Note their color. Some use aqua and tan while others use tan and Grey. The color matters apparently.
Just used a Schoche adapter. Got a TopstrongGear and Kicker TL7T 12" loaded enclosure. More than enough bass.

Need to install the new black acrylic mount for the Amp/Cap/hi>low converter.

It sounds pretty damn good. Lots of bass for a small loaded enclosure. Fits perfectly under the seat.


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