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Car Cover for a Trail Boss


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Feb 24, 2021
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Boulder, CO
Besides all of the other stuff that can get on your paint, we have Tree Sap that comes down from our Elms as a fine, sticky mist. We use car covers on the cars when needed (our garage fits only one of the cars.) So I found one for the new truck.

Simply humongous. No additions to fit the Mirrors, no indication of which end is which. I use a very large plastic tub to store it, because getting it back in to the bag it came with is impossible.

But it's Fitted rather well and has buckled straps to keep it from flying away. Putting it on is like trying to dress a whale.


From Car Cover dot com, sized for the Silverado 1500. No pockets for Mirrors, no pocket for Antenna, no indication front/rear. But it's not too difficult to figure out. And then mark the front with a sharpie. $190.

It's "economical" ... the cover my wife has for her Mustang cost more than twice as much.

edit: That can't be real ... 52,000+ reviews of this car cover for 2021 Chevy pickup?!?!?
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I am using this truck cover nearly every day now. There is some new & different kind of black stuff coming down from the elms, dunno if it's tiny worms or part of the tree bark or what. But without this cover I would need to wash this truck EVERY DAY. And so I'm getting pretty good at throwing this thing on, nearly as quickly as putting the cover on a car.

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