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Car play issue


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Dec 6, 2021
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I bought my trailboss back in April and took delivery March 1st. Since day one I’ve had a issue with the radio connecting to my phone through CarPlay. 80% of the time all the equalizer and radio settings are reset to zero. I’ve mentioned this to the dealership several times, and all they can tell me is they are waiting to get a fix. I just don’t feel paying close to $60k for a vehicle and have issues with it without some type of compensation. You know if it were a lease and it was returned to them that way , they would charge for broken equipment.
Find a new dealer?
As frustrating as that sounds, my old 2016 had a random issue where the screen would go black and all the radio/havc controls, even the buttons and knobs were frozen. After driving 2 hours with the radio blaring once, partly through a no reception zone, lol, it came back on. Did it a couple more times, dealer said cant replicate, but in my case, it never did it again.
This issue has been discussed before. It seems that a possible fix is to perform a factory reset in the infotainment unit's options. This is said to fix the eq resetting issue. For the car play issue, if that factory reset does not help, you may want to uninstall car play on your phone and reinstall as well as deleting your phone from the infotainment unit then after reinstalling car play go back and set up your phone in the infotainment unit.
When these things happen, the only thing I find that works for me is to smash my hand in the tailgate… you won’t even notice your phone not connecting haha!

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