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Carwell Oil Rust Inhibitor Spray


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Nov 30, 2020
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Hello fellow TB gents,

Has anyone ran into issues after having your TB underside sprayed with the oil rust protectant (not the line x black stuff). The issue I'm having is that now the rear park sensors will turn off intermittently, or just won't work at all. Sometimes the diagram on the dash will appear, other times it will not. The Radio screen for the camera will work no problem, but there is no longer the dash indicator of how close you are or any audio noise. I looked underneath, and in fact the sensors are covered in oil, so no doubt that is what the issue is. I took it to the dealer before I figured out what exactly the issue was, but I think I'm screwed, I don't stand a chance at the dealer because they will say it was the oil spray place, and if I go back to the oil spray place, not too sure what they can do.

Live and learn, disheartening to say the least.

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