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Chatter on deceleration around 13mph


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Dec 26, 2020
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Anyone else experiencing a chatter in the front end on deceleration around 13mph? Nothing on acceleration just coasting on deceleration at 13mph. Not sure if it’s the front differential or a drive line angle issue. Any input would be appreciated.
I'm glad you brought this up. My answer is, I'm not sure but I think I feel it intermittently. On deceleration I am almost always braking. Once in awhile right before I come to a stop I feel a stutter. I thought it was a brake issue. I will check it out. Are you saying you feel it without the brakes applied?

Yeah it’s more pronounced when your letting it decelerate on it own. Still there while braking but not as bad and not all the time. For some reason it feels worse when the truck is cold (after it’s been sitting for a while).
I tried to make it do it today and it did not do it. It is very intermittent and subtle. I don't even think it's a problem unless it gets worse....

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