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CST Lifts

Their stage 8 kit with 4.5in lift looks pretty well put together. More hard core than what I would need and at $5700, more than I would want to spend for what I do.
Most people on this site go with level kits at 2” or less and CST offers those too👍
I’m thinking about going with this stage 3


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That looks like a nice kit. Would go great with a set of 35s.
Be sure to come back and post some photos after install 👍
Will the stock 18” Chevy rims with a 285 size tires fit ok without any trimming?
I have a 2” ReadyLift with stock 18s and 295-70s. No rub at all. I did rub after adding 1.5in spacers. Not sure about the 285s you’re looking at.
Also have seen people claiming to stuff in 35s on stock TBs?

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