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Custom Trail Boss Grille Letters

Amazon sells front inserts - if you get those they have a protective cover on both sides (took me a minute to realize that) - I installed red ones - looks good in my mind. PM me and ill send you the link.

I put the Putco black stainless letters on mine. ~$50 shipped on ebay. They are also available through GM Accessories.


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How about you SPECIFY what you want! I was the last to post so I replied with what you wanted. Stop being lazy "Amazon sells front inserts" go there and search yourself.
Why don’t you not be an ass and stfu!
Thanks for your insight brilliant one.
People like you are why I hate people. Always have to be rude and disrespectful. Thanks again and do not respond to me ever again.
My post was not to you it was to the person that said they had a link. I was asking that person for the link, not you.
He said PM him, which is PRIVATE MESSAGE him, not on this thread. Your comment made NO reference to what you were asking to a link for. Get over yourself. We can't all read your mind.
You need to get over yourself thinking that you somehow need to chime in on this. Go away and mind your own. I did pm this person thank you genius. I wasn’t asking anyone to read my mind. So thanks now go away. Mind your own and go find something else to do.

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