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Cutting Crash Bars on Frane


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Dec 19, 2023
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I have the 1.5 inch RC level kit with upper control and 2inch RC spacers . Rubbed at full lock, rubbed worse after alignment. Was wondering if anyone has just cut off the crash bars in the frame that are the cause of most rubbing. I already did the fender liner/mudflap/bracket removal mod.
Haven’t seen anyone on here mention doing it. Saw one on ZR2 forum mention it to stuff 37s. Not saying they don’t exist but haven’t seen aftermarket high clearance anti intrusion bars like for the f150 or rangers either. Doesn’t seem like the safest way just to run a bigger tire 🤔
Yeah it’s just driving me crazy. I mean, if all those fords are just unbolting and cutting, what’s the difference? That bar is the single point of issue and it’s rubbing me the wrong way pun intended .
Pardon my ignorance, what are you calling a crash bar?
Stock 18 wheels with 35x12.5x18 Recon Grapplers. I’m running a 2” spacer which gives more then ample clearance of the UC but does increase the wheel scrub.
The bars on the frame directly behind the wheel well. On fords they are usually bolt on but on later model Silverado’s the are welded to the frame.
Guess I need to take a look. Thanks.
Not to be a downer here, but I have a friend who simply disabled the seatbelt reminder in his wife’s Ford years ago (at her request as it was too annoying to not buckle up) and she ended up being in a horrific accident (with no seatbelt on of course)…he still struggles with that decision and it factors into a lot of mine too when it comes to safety equipment. Nothing bad will likely happen, but if it does you could be left wondering and I think that’s where he still is with it.

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