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Did GM send you a Survey Request?


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Jan 18, 2024
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I received a survey request in my email. I was ready and had my list of suggestions, but found it was very limited. Lots of questions regarding 4 wheel low, whether I used it and how often and how important was it etc. Looks to me like they are planning to make some changes or maybe do away with it? The next focus was on the bird's eye view camera. The one where it looks like you are viewing your truck from 20 feet above. To me this is one of the few innovations that has impressed me. Again they wanted to know if I used it and when and how and why - changes coming? Lastly they wanted to know how much and how often I towed using my truck. When I answered the first question with I haven't towed with it, that was the end of the survey. Anybody else get surveyed? I was really hoping they would have asked about what I 'love' about the infotainment system and remote start that excludes turning on the preset heat and defroster. Oh, they probably know. :rolleyes:
2023 LT TB 1500 bought new
I have not gotten a detailed survey regarding this truck (22 limited). I’ve had a 99-1500, 02-2500 both secondhand, then a 15-2500, 20-2500, and this 22-1500 all new. The only one I’ve received a detailed survey on is the 2020 2500. Ive recieved the generic how was your experience at the dealer, any problems with your new ride surveys ect on the other new vehicles but never super specific. Not sure if their surveys are VIN/option specific or completely random.

The survey on the 2020 was similar as you describe. Questions regarding the specific vehicle as well as what seemed “future options/changes/intel gathering questions.” Even so far as if you had X amount of dollars extra to spend what options if any would you want/choose. It mentioned features that to my limited knowledge haven’t made it to production such as onboard air compressors, onboard walkie-talkie features to other equipped silverados, off road cameras that can be linked to social media among others I can’t remember. Of course all of these features would be part of packages at premium prices, but intriguing nonetheless.
I received one a few months ago about Accessories, specifically the GM Accessories and GM Accessories website

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