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Mar 5, 2023
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Lynchburg VA
I'm sure I'm not alone here, but I never could figure out how the mesh resonators worked until I found this on another website today! Another thing that doesn't make sense is that your vehicle won't pass inspection if it has an exhaust leak. Well, these resonators cause leaks so go figure!

The Resonance Free Pipe (RFP) takes the place of a traditional resonator with much less weight and bulk. Some vehicle applications however still use resonators. An RFP works by venting a small amount of gas through the mesh in the pipe to break up standing waves which cause resonance in longer pipe sections. One tuning valve is used on the 5.3L L84 and two tuning valves are used on the 6.2L L87.
Can’t have exhaust leaks under the passenger compartment of the vehicle in Va thats why it passes because it is out back
It’s odd that as effed up CA is, we don’t have vehicle inspections. Just every other yr smog checks for vehicles over 7 yrs old.
Odd as well, Virginia inspections were every 6 months until about 20 years ago!
CA is just that....NOT NORMAL. Everything else cost enough to cover property taxes. as far as Texas goes...the offset is NO INCOME tax.

in the end, the Gov of whatever sort...gets theirs. YOU AR LOUCKY TO SPEND .40$ of your Dollar...the rest goes to them. CLAIM the max through the year, try to find a stable investment (proven to be S&P500 for the haul)...then pay what they say you owe...you have now met the min.
anything else, they say you get back...has more that you cant get back....
6 months is borderline crazy. Im guessing you have to pay for the inspection?
Yeah, I think it's $20. The inspections are monitored by the state police, if the mechanics inspected everything by the book it would probably take an hour and they would lose money. Average inspection probably takes 20 minutes, but then they have to login on the state police website and that takes another 10 minutes. If you get somebody old school and not computer savvy it takes even longer. If they don't find something wrong and fix it, they are definitely in the hole.
Yeah it’s $20 for light duty vehicles. and you are correct we do not make any money doing the inspections if done step by step according to the manual.

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