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Oct 11, 2020
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I’m looking at an after market exhaust. I have always run 40 series Flowmasters but with this truck being a lot quieter, I’m thinking 10 series or straight pipe. Any thoughts out there?
I did a Black Widow Venom250 muffler. Sounds really good but with the DFM it gets annoying. Plus I removed the dumbass flapper valve
ok thanks. I ended up putting a flowmaster 10 series on and it was still too quiet. 2 days later I took it back and had them straight pipe it. No flapper! I’m liking the sound now. Not overly aggressive either. Just right. I just went on a 4 hour trip for business and cruise control set at 80, could barely hear it in the truck.
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Yes, I have the 5.3. I didn’t even cut off the resonators. Just the exhaust and flapper.


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Looks clean man....Dfm is alot more noticeable now IMO
Here is mine:


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Nice. Looks a lot like the 40 series Flowmaster. I bet it sounds legit with the 6.2. I might still go back and throw the 10 series you see in the picture back on. Right now I’m just enjoying the beast. But like I said, can really hear it in the truck itself. Chevy did a great job with sound proofing on this new model. Thanks again for sharing the info.
I went with the AFE muffler replacement and I cut the flapper out. It just a low rumble now. Perfect for me.
I did the afe muffler and flapper valve delete as well. So far I really like it! DFM is annoying though lol
Agreed on the DFM...I hate it with a passion. RANGE Technology apparently is releasing something for us this week.

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