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Factory Exhaust Resonator Removal


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Nov 13, 2021
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2021 Trail Boss 6.2L
Has anyone removed just the resonators to improve exhaust sound? Any success?
I would really like a nice moderate rumble out that beast of an engine. All the aftermarket exhaust I have listened to are WAY too loud.
Mine did come off with a whole exhaust kit so I am not too sure how much or how little the improvement would be. But if I remember correctly, it was a straight-through setup. So removal and replacement with a straight pipe should be fairly straightforward. If I were you, I would also cut out that flap valve that is located just upstream from the muffler. All of that would improve the flow while keeping it from being too obnoxious with the stock muffler still in place.
I would NOT remove the resonators. They cancel out the high frequencies. Get rid of the massive stock muffler. There's a few options out there now that include an aftermarket muffler instead of just a straight pipe. I believe Magnaflow and AFE both have them now and I'm sure probably others. No reason to replace the whole exhaust since the stock is stainless steel.
I agree with the above posts, I got ride of the muffler and went straight pipe but kept the resonators. Way loud on cold start but settles into a nice rumble

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