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Finally built and ordered my 2023 LT Trail Boss


Jun 7, 2022
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I finally got to build and order my 2023 LT Trail Boss a couple days ago. ...And I actually have seen the sand dune metallic color in person - and love it! ...I was right about that color choice!
I did not get the exhaust package. I'm thinking I'm going to want that sound, but I thought I should wait and see once I have.
Expensive trucks, but I'm excited to get it!
Sounds like it's going to be months before I see it. :)
Any opinions/suggestions/comments welcome.
A year or two ago, a guy at a completely different dealership told me something like the 6.2L got as good or better gas mileage as the 5.3L. I can't recall if he got that info from a client or if they just knew that at the dealership.
So, I figured I might as well go for that one.
And I have never owned a truck. So, I deliberately wanted the standard V8 engine for starters. (...I'm fully aware that folks rave about the 2.7L turbo.)

And I think I got most packages. I did not get the exhaust. ...YET.
I have a 2021 with the 5.3. The mileage difference between the 5.3 and 6.2 isn’t much. Although most 6.2 guys get worse since they always put the pedal down👍
I have about 15K miles on mine. No problems. I love it👍
Good to hear.
I trust that most who have a TB are happy with it. ...even if a few blips here and there.
The more I hear that people love their TB, the better I will feel about ordering one! :)

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